"We had brand new zookeeping students use the system with no issues – it isn’t difficult."

Conservation Education Specialist & Workgroup Coordinator

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Are you ready to register? Please click here to learn about the registration process.

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Are you an animal care professional who is interested in experiencing WelfareTrak®? Click here to request free access to the WelfareTrak® Demo Site. Our Demo Site will allow you to complete welfare surveys and view welfare reports!

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If You are an Animal Care Professional
Who is Ready to Start Using WelfareTrak®…

Ask yourself the following question: does a welfare survey exist for the species that I would like to monitor?

To answer this question, please visit the Survey Library to view a list of existing welfare surveys that are available for use.

If the answer is YES -    please read the Registration section below

If the answer is NO -      you have two options:

  1. Request CZS’ services. You can hire CZS to recruit experts to develop a WelfareTrak-certified survey for your species of interest. This option covers the first year of registration. As a bonus, if you choose to split this cost with other organizations, we include free first-year registration for up to 10 organizations. The new survey will be uploaded to the Survey Library.
  2. Create a customized survey. Our Tool Development Manual will walk you through the process of designing a new survey. Keep in mind that this customized survey can only be employed by your organization - it will not be incorporated into our Survey Library.



If you are an animal care professional - AND the species that you would like to monitor is listed in the Survey Library - you are ready to begin the registration process!

How can I register with WelfareTrak®?

We charge each institution a nominal annual fee for EACH species monitored. You can initiate the registration process by submitting the Registration Form. We do NOT offer online registration via this website.

What happens after registering with WelfareTrak®?

After registering with WelfareTrak®, the Coordinator for a particular species, at a particular institution, will have the ability to:

  1. Enter names and basic information for the individual animals that his/her workgroup will monitor.
  2. Enter names and basic information for Raters (i.e. the caregivers who will complete the welfare surveys).
  3. Create accounts and login credentials for all Raters.
  4. Assign “permissions” to the Raters. For example, the Coordinator can decide whether to give the Raters access to viewing the welfare reports.
What IS included in the registration fee?
  • Access to online welfare surveys
  • Access to online welfare reports
  • Access to our Training Center, which:
  •                      -explains the benefits of using WelfareTrak®
  •                     -describes how welfare surveys are developed
  •                     -provides recommendations for forming workgroups
  •                     -walks users through the online system
  •                     -provides tips for reviewing welfare reports          

What is NOT included in the registration fee?
  • Training sessions
  • Consultation pacakges
 Please view our List of Services if you are interested in scheduling training sessions OR purchasing consultation packages.


If you are an Animal Care Professional
Who is Interested in Experiencing WelfareTrak®…

You can request free access to our Demo Site. Our Demo Site will allow you to complete welfare surveys and view welfare reports!