"It’s helpful to have the behaviors broken down by categories. Here’s what animal welfare means to us."

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Tool Development Manual

Animal care professionals who are interested in a monitoring a species that does NOT appear in the Survey Library, have two options:
  1. Request CZS’ services. You can hire CZS to recruit experts to develop a WelfareTrak-certified survey for your species of interest. This option covers the first year of registration. As a bonus, if you choose to split this cost with other organizations, we include free first-year registration for up to 10 organizations. The new survey will be uploaded to the Survey Library.
  2. Create a customized survey. Our Tool Development Manual will walk you through the process of designing a new survey. Keep in mind that this customized survey can only be employed by your organization - it will not be incorporated into our Survey Library.

If you choose option #2 - creating a customized survey - you can submit a Materials Request Form to request a copy of the Tool Development Manual. This Manual will walk you through the process of creating a new welfare survey. We also will send sample surveys.
If you would, instead, like to hire CZS to create a new welfare survey, please review CZS’ List of Services.