"It made me more observant of their ‘whole selves’… it made me look at every aspect of the animal."


12 yrs experience

Monitoring a Species for which a WelfareTrak-Certified Survey Already Exists - please see Survey Library

$50 per species, per year

Hire CZS to Recruit Experts to Create a WelfareTrak-certified Survey for a Species NOT Listed in the Survey Library


-includes first-year registration

-each additional year of registration = $50

-cost can be split by other organizations, with up to 10 facilities receiving free first-year registration

-will be added to the Survey Library of WelfareTrak-certified surveys 

Create a Customized Survey for your Organization

$100 per species, per year

-survey cannot be shared with other organizations

4-Hour Consultation Package


Online Training Session



These are the fees for non-profit organizations. Please contact us for pricing information if you do NOT work for a non-profit organization.

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